Valley Media is in the business of live and live to tape television, event management, stage managemnt, and media production. My favorite form is live, multi-camera. This is a special way of doing video that calls for a hot-switched, multi-source technique that is making a huge comeback.

If you work for a television station and do news and public affairs programs, you know live. If you do sports, you know live. If you do events, both corporate and regular broadcast, then you know live. If you know music concerts... then you know live.

It's all in the process!


I did the Peabody Awards show for 15 years. I've directed for broadcast, line-produced and stage managed the ballroom.  It's tough to get it on the broadcast schedule because there is little drama about the winners... they're announced before the luncheon.

The following example has been reduced from 2 hours to approximately 8 minutes.  The show was produced by Jody Danneman of Atlanta Image Arts and the animation and interviews were added to the live ballroom footage.  The original event took place over 3 and one half hours and Jody had three days to get it down to 2 hours of commercial time (93 minutes).   Jody and Harold did a bang up job.

Mouse click the following picture for the Peabody video:




Welcome to the wonderful world of Georgia Music. Short music checks, live for broadcast without editing, two days for everything, and greast fun. Enjoy.

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The following was a challenge because of the location, lack of rehearsal, the technology involved, 5 satellite back-hauls... and the beat goes on.  The example is cut way down from the original length but does show the elements which helped to make it a success for Sabre.

Mouse click the following picture for the Sabre video:




The Clinton Global Initiative is a remarkable event and one that I was priviledged to direct for 5 years.  I worked with two great organizations, Five Currents and Lankey & Limey, to give form to the events in the Main Ballroom/Plenary space.

The following video consists of many people's labor and represents many media types.  I am attempting to explain the event more than highlight my work.  Enjoy until they catch up to me...  I didn't get prior clearance so there's no telling how long it will be up.

Mouse click the following picture for the Clinton Global Initiative Video:


I occasionally get to go out in to the field and produce something a little off the wall.

An old client, Vanstar, had me go out and produce and direct this little piece of video as an introduction to a tour of their warehouse. The manager gave us a free hand to do whatever and it was fun throwing a lot of effects (including the kitchen sink) at a piece of video.

Mouse click the following picture for the Distribution Center video:


The following examples also come from the association with Vanstar but have been included for the kitchen sink factor. Basically, everyone had input into the process and the product. Thus, everything you can think of gets thrown in to the mix. Makes for some long videos but ones that speak volumes about what we have experience with.

Mouse click the following picture for the StarCenter video:

Mouse click the following picture for the At The Top video:


The following video was co-produced with my friends at Atlantic Image Arts. They produce the video elements for Delta Tau Delta's bi-annual Karnea convention. This version had two field produced elements which were done on site and the following video was done in 2 hotel rooms over 3 days on a laptop. Interesting challenges. I was also tapped to stage manage the general sessions for two of the 4 days of production. Enjoy the possibilities

Mouse click for following picture for the Delta Tau Delta Video.


Over the past few years I've found myself doing more and more editing... both as a producer and as a pure freelance editor.

All of the examples you will find in the Rich Media part of the web site I edited. Also, in the Examples section, I have included some "faces" videos that demonstrate a couple of simple formats for helping to show the experience of an event. The DTD video above is also an example of editing, especially in the field

Have fun...

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