If you work at all with the internet, your know that we're in the middle of a video revolution... rich media for the web. Right. It's only been around for 30 years but 50Mb speeds on the web have changed everything. The big money in this game is controlled by the communication giants. They had been waiting for critical mass in the number of high speed subscribers before they made major commitments to video on demand. It looks like that threshold has been breeched in a huge way.

I spent 3 years working with Tentoe, Inc., a startup company in the e-commerce sector, bringing rich media to the web. That was more than a decade ago but the essense of what we did then, still stands today. I've been out on the street again for a while and I can bring this card to the table.

The following are some examples:




XL 2


402 Digital Camera


Net Camera
Security Phone


Luk Werks

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