Consulting has not gained the best reputation in the television industry. For better or worst, newsrooms throughout the country have been transformed because of the intervention of marketing and consulting organizations. Usually without any regard for the news itself.

To say that you are a consultant, then, can put you squarely in the camp of the enemy.

I'd like to challenge that notion. Consulting can be a positive force for change and understanding. Our services are meant to evaluate and recommend constructive creation and change. We don't advocate the destruction of entities within organizations nor do we contemplate the punishment of individuals or companies that are evaluated.

What we do is help to build. Build processes, programs, organizations, and confidence in the people you work with. Call us about:




We bring decades of experience to the table. When we look at something, we see with vision unclouded... trying to put ourselves in the clients shoes. We listen so that we can see clearly... speak so that we can hear it again... then say what we see.

I'm sure you've heard it said that it's in the process. The things that make your product very good have their roots in how you do it. You can have a pet rock by being lucky but success demands that you constantly repeat that winning something. You can't do that with luck.

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