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Bob Briggs has spent the past forty years directing, producing, stage managing and writing for first run broadcasting, syndication, cable, and industry. While Bob�s career has included these many types of television work� his favorite form has always been live� live event, multi-camera, live switched� but live.

Bob Briggs� constant quest for perfection creates a process that is both productive and rewarding. Attention to detail, creativity, and team building are all part of the skill set that Briggs brings to any production. The underlying goal is to be successful in delivering your message while participating in real growth and relationship building.

The broadcast syndication credits include "Morning Stretch", "The Buck Stops Here", "The Hollywood Reporter" and "Hollywood on Horses." Sports has included: UNLV, Bradley University & Illinois State University Basketball; University of Illinois & University of California Football; plus, semi-pro hockey, baseball, soccer, NCAA swimming & water polo, and Comcast Hometown Network sports.

The roster of special events includes conferences, parades, musicals, concerts, awards shows, and plays. The most notable of these events include The Peabody Awards, Northern California Emmys, The Clinton Global Initiative, the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Gala and the College Football Hall of Fame.

In amongst all this exciting stuff, there are the tours directing news and interview shows for broadcast television� the bread and butter of "live" directing. Briggs has also found the same level of sophistication and consistency in the industrial market with clients like Apple, Hewlett/Packard, Mervyn's, Sears, Epson, Compaq, Oracle, Charles Schwab, Adobe, Cadence Design, Intuit, and IBM. They have afforded Bob the chance to do dramatic, scripted, hot-switched video for training and entertainment, stage shows, edgy shorts, exuberant stage work, studio based interview, thoughtful edited pieces and other major events.

Consider Bob Briggs to be your journeyman production specialist... skilled in producing, writing, stage managing and directing for television and video� a good choice for your next project.


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